Say Bye Bye to Puffy Eyes With This Instant Action Serum

A person holds up a eye serum, a person applies an eye serum to their under eye, and a swatch of product is behind eye serum packaging.

Whether it’s from staying out too late, having one too many cocktails, or just being exhausted from work, puffy eyes happen. You wake up in the morning needing to get ready to head into the office only for your eyes to look like marshmallows. Well, they don’t have to stay that way.

Tula’s Instant Depuff Eye Renewal Serum can help depuff your eyes while providing moisture and helping combat wrinkles. Sign us up!

One of the eye serum’s most important features is the metal applicator. When you apply the serum, you’ll run the metal tip beneath your eye, and the cooling sensation will help to depuff as the benefits of the cream begin their work.

A person holds up an eye serum, and a person applies an eye serum.

The serum, which is good for all skin types, uses peptides, an ingredient that’s commonly associated with anti-aging. Peptides help to repair cell damage and signal the skin to promote collagen production. When used on the under eye, it can help combat signs of aging.

The serum also uses a relatively unique ingredient, pink silk tree, which has been shown to help in wound healing and could have soothing, anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Then, there is the sea algae which in studies has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Basically, if you deal with puffy eyes in the mornings and also want to combat signs of aging, the Tula Instant Depuff Eye Renewal Serum might be just what you need.

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