Salvatore Ferragamo Wants You to Share Your Floral Inspiration


Photo: Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo.

Join ELLE in discovering the new Flowers collection by Salvatore Ferragamo Jewelsand participate in a very special, very social flower party.

Salvatore Ferragamo brings a breath of fresh air and cheer to grey winter days with the new Flowers collection. The new range is dedicated to the anemone, the Florentine fashion house’s iconic flower that is frequently seen in its scarves and, starting this winter, its new jewelry collection.

Three colors have been chosen for the flower symbolizing the Florentine brand: the deep pink of tourmaline, the orange of opal, and the citron green of peridot, all set in 18k gold. These meticulous and faithful miniature reproductions of anemones are small sculptures that fascinate with the intensity of their colors and the exquisite jewelry craftsmanship. Simply wearing the necklace, earrings, or rings adorned with anemones would make any woman feel as though they’ve been whisked away to the Garden of Eden.


Photo: Bouquet ring from the Flowers collection by Salvatore Ferragamo Jewels

Beginning today, the spirit of the flowers from Salvatore Ferragamo Jewels will and we are personally “delivering” them to you through our Instagram and those of our editors. You, too, are invited to this virtual flower party: Post your pictures of bouquets, floral fashion looks, or memories from this past summer.


Photo: Necklace from the Flowers collection by Salvatore Ferragamo Jewels

Be sure to tag all your photos with #elleforferragamo to join the party and see everyone’s botanical inspirations.

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