Revive Greasy Hair With This Viral Dry Shampoo Hack

A young woman applies dry shampoo into her hair.

Sometimes, dry shampoo just doesn’t cut it. If you tend to spritz some dry shampoo on your roots in between washes, only for your hair to still look greasy, you can relate.

The good news is, thanks to a viral TikTok hack, there’s a way you can boost the effects of your dry shampoo—just grab a spray bottle of water!

To do this viral shampoo hack, which was shared by creator @jaciemariesmith, you want to apply the dry shampoo to your roots how you typically would, letting the product sit for a few minutes to soak up the oils and massaging it in afterward.


do we think this will work….

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But you aren’t going to stop there. After that, mist some water on top. That’s right, water. When the water dries, or you wake up in the morning after doing this before bed, you will be left with significantly livelier hair than you had before.

While this hack won’t magically make it look like you freshly washed your hair, it is a significant improvement, especially if you’re used to using dry shampoo on its own.

If you’ve had difficulty getting dry shampoo to work in the past, this might do the trick, and for those who need a little extra oomph, you can also try a volumizer spray.

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