Ralph Lauren Purple Label’s new suiting collection just might change your life


When I was growing up, Ralph Lauren only did polo shirts. That was the entirety of my concept for the iconic American preppy brand. Just those collared, short-sleeve, cotton shirts: the absolute sartorial pinnacle of what any of my generation could hope to achieve.

Turns out, though, Ralph Lauren’s imprint Purple Label do *considerably* more than that, and with their barnstorming Milan Fashion Week show – imagine them running through that shit on horseback with polo clubs, like on the logo – they re-announced themselves as the absolute dons of tailoring with a collection they describe as being “refreshingly urbane” and having “relaxed elegance”. We concur.


Look at that: soft lines, comfortable fits, tonal colour palletes – greys and off-greys and tans and grey-tans. It brings ‘80s off-Wall-Street-and-onto-a-Cabo-San-Lucas to 2017, without the obnoxious cocaine habits. Linens replace wools for an overall lighter feel and more modern silhouette.


And here they take Riviera style into their ample bosom: white trousers, unstructured jackets, cashmere knits, tasseled loafers in brushed navy and powder blue.


And this is just full on The Graduate swag – leather jackets, tan slacks, brown jumpers, they’ve even got some hot espadrille action going on.

Imagine how much better your life would be if you dressed in all that gear. The looks you’d get, the respect you’d earn, the fawning you’d demand off colleagues, peers, policemen, members of every sex, every creed. Random people would stop you in the street and say “Fuck… Who are you? Are you famous?” And you’d laugh and wink – not confirming or denying – and carry on about your day. They’d tell everyone they just met Jude Law or something. Who knows, like, this collection might change your life.

Gotta hand it to the pony-boys, they’ve gone and put on a masterclass.

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