People Are Dunking Their Faces in Ice Water Online—Here’s Why

A clear glass bowl is filled with water and ice.

When it comes to skin care hacks, TikTok has become the number one destination. But let’s be honest, not all of those skin tips and tricks are legitimate, but the latest—an ice water facial—might just be worth trying.

If you’ve seen people dunking their faces in ice water, the method could help reduce inflammation and puffiness. So say goodbye to those puffy morning eyes.

Where did this trend come from? There’s no specific content creator it can be traced back to, but it seems inspired by the Korean beauty method Jamsu. It, however, is more about makeup. With Jamsu, you apply your foundation and concealer then dunk your face. The idea is that it’ll improve the staying power of the products and mattify the skin.

The method currently circulating on TikTok, though, requires a clean face. But it’s easy to see how this trend could be inspired by that K-beauty trick.


ICE WATER ? ❄️ 13 sec 3-4 dips! It’s colder than it looks lol @iluvsarahiiii & @eryn.weaver have put me on! #icewater #faceiceroller #icewaterfacial #foryou #MINDORDERING

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Yes, we know. Submerging your face in ice seems like the recipe for a brain freeze, but facial icing actually has some impressive benefits. It’s not even something brand new.

According to dermatologist Michele Green who spoke with Insider, cold therapy is a centuries-old treatment method that can do everything from decrease inflammation, reduce puffiness, and improve the skin tone and texture by removing toxins and boosting circulation.

Before you run to your freezer to collect your ice, it’s important to note that overdoing it can lead to irritation. Avoid submerging your face for too long (don’t say we didn’t warn you!) and don’t skip your existing skin care routine after.

If you want to try an ice-water facial, make sure your skin is clean. Then, fill a bowl—preferably big enough to dunk your head into– with cold water and ice cubes. Set a timer for 15 minutes and submerge your face into the bowl in 10-15 second intervals per minute. If your face becomes too sensitive to the cold, discontinue the process. Never go beyond your skin’s limits.

If you’re wary of dunking your face in ice water, that’s fair. Instead, start small with refrigerated facial rollers. You can even use an ice roller to experience some of the coldness— just not in all its freezing glory.

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