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Our contributing editor, Natalie Borton, provides us with a full report of the Glossier Phase 1 and Phase 2 sets, which are ideal for anyone looking to narrow down their beauty regimens and achieve a healthy and naturally radiant appearance.

Skin first, makeup second. That’s the motto of Glossier, a modern skincare and makeup brand that is taking the fashion world by storm. Founded by Into The Gloss creator Emily Weiss, Glossier believes that beauty should be fun, easy, imperfect and personal. That commitment to laid-back, minimalist beauty—and gorgeous packaging—is what got me captivated with the products in the first place. And now that I’ve bought everything for myself and tried it for several weeks, I’m giving you a full review of the Glossier Phase 1 and Phase 2 sets.

Phase 1 / Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dotcom and Perfecting Skin Tint

Designed to turn your skin into a perfect-but-natural-looking canvas, Phase 1 is all about pretty, dewy skin. The Milky Jelly Cleanser looks and feels exactly like the name, and goes on the skin really smoothly. I hate using face wash (I’m a micellar water girl myself), so I like to keep this in the shower and use it a few times a week. As far as its makeup-removing qualities, it’s great for face makeup and pretty good for eye makeup. All in all, depending on how much makeup you wear on your eyes, you may need an additional remover to really get it all off. It’s personally my least favorite of the products, mostly just because it’s one of the few that I could get rid of and probably not miss.

The Priming Moisturizer feels like a dream. It goes on smooth and feels nourishing and hydrating, but not greasy at all. It’s a great base moisturizer to use before the Perfecting Skin Tint, though I really wish it had some kind of SPF in it. Living in San Diego, SPF is a must, so I have to add another step to my routine to slather on some sunscreen lotion before the skin tint. I hope Glossier plans to add an SPF version soon! Other than that, I love it.

Not usually one for face makeup, I am surprised how much I love the Perfecting Skin Tint. This doesn’t provide much coverage—it’s even more sheer than a BB cream—but that’s probably what I like most about it. I describe it as a filter, not a mask, meaning your skin still looks like your skin, but a better version of it. I love that my face still has a dewy look to it, but looks a smidge healthier and more alive than my bare skin. It’s dreamy!

Balm Dotcom is basically the company’s version of Aquaphor. You can use it anywhere you need moisture, but I love it on my cheekbones, brow bones and lips. The original one is what comes with the set, but I’m partial to the coconut version—it smells amazing!

Phase 2 / Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer and Generation G Lipstick

Now, onto makeup. Phase 2 is the new makeup set, and it is definitely not for people who want a dramatic look (i.e. if MAC is your go-to beauty place). These products are designed to create an enhanced-natural look, which is why I was drawn to them in the first place!

I’ve been a Boy Brow fangirl since the moment it was released and I cannot say enough good things about it. Truly, if you only get one product from Glossier, get this one! I used to waste time in the morning filling in my brows with a pencil and using a gel-like tint to get them into place, and it just never felt very natural. Boy Brow is a tinted brow pomade and it’s really the only product you need, unless you have super sparse brows. I didn’t realize that I had a lot more brow hair than I thought until I used Boy Brow and it transformed tiny, blonde, almost-invisible brow hairs into the brows of my dreams. I could go on and on…this stuff is amazing! Color-wise (because I get asked this question all the time), I’d say unless you have really fair skin and light hair or black hair, stick with the brown shade. It’s the most universally flattering, even on most blondes.

The Stretch Concealer has a really smooth feel and doesn’t look super matte the way you’d expect, which I really like. Much like the Perfecting Skin Tint, it keeps your skin looking like skin. However, if you have a blemish or breakout you need to cover, this won’t really do the trick. It’s amazing for under-eye coverage, but I still use another favorite concealer for bad skin days when I need more coverage.

Lastly, Generation G. I should start by saying I really hate lipstick. But this stuff, it’s more of a lip stain—like what your lips look like after eating a berry Popsicle. The colors are very natural—there isn’t even a classic red lip option!—but they’re buildable so you can create as dark or light of color as you want. My favorite shade is “Like,” which creates a pretty rosy pink lip. “Cake” is basically the same color as my bare lips, but for someone with more fair skin, it would be really gorgeous. I haven’t had a chance to try the “Jam” color because it looked too dark for my liking, but “Crush” has a really modern orangey-pink hue that I love when I’m feeling a little more bold. I like to add a bit of Balm Dotcom on top for a hint of hydration.

All in all, I really like what Glossier has to offer and I continue to use these products daily (with the exception of the cleanser). If you’re someone who likes a natural look, this brand is for you! Snag your favorites over at Glossier.com.

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