REISS ‘Oman’ jumpsuit
MEJURI earrings
MISSOMA necklace
GUCCI shoes | or in black
Happy New Year my dearest readers!
Hope you have recovered from the farewell party of 2015, due to the weird days this seasons festivities fell on, I can honestly claim that I have no idea what day it is today.  But there is always a Monday around the corner, that’s when the new year, new me will properly start.
So, let’s talk about something that has been my party wear hero of 2015, but so was it in 2014.. and 2013, basically, we go way back. I’m of course talking about jumpsuits, that will never grow old on me. Although I have a whole lot, just like my quest for new shoes, I never stop craving another onesie. Is it laziness that tend to navigate towards the jumpsuit where you literally zip yourself into a ready made outfit? I claim that it is the perfect outfit for dinners, dates, cocktail hours and any party, you are never too over or under dressed in a jumpsuit. With no strings attached, I’ve realised that a surprisingly large part of my jumpsuit collection is by fuelled by pieces from ReissThe ‘Oman’ has served me like a trooper, so good that I even bought the shorter version for some promiscuous nights. Best of all, the coveted jumpsuit assortment – all on sale.

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