Nike repays kindness of student with an awesome gift


What did you give your teacher as an end of term present? Four cans of lager? Chocolate? Baldness due to severe stress? Well one Texas pupil got his teacher a pair of Nike Air Jordans that he wanted since he was 12 years old, for no other reason than to say thank you.

Hector Montez, student of Coronado High School in Texas, gifted his teacher Coach Walser a pair of the classic Nike trainers he talked about in passing, saying that he always wanted a pair since he was a child but never got round to getting them.

On receiving the gift, Walser was a bit suspicious (as all teachers are around kids), saying: “If something jumps out of this box, I swear to God…” But it was all treat and no trick inside this box.

Heartwarming stuff, right? But the emotions don’t stop there, as Nike heard about the thoughtful gesture and decided to treat Hector to his own pair of kicks, sending him a note saying: “Your teacher inspired you, you inspire us… continue to be the change you want to see”, accompanying a brand new red Air Jordan 12s.


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