Need to Break in a Pair of New Shoes? Grab a Blow Dryer

A woman wears a pair of ankle height combat boots.

There is no greater feeling than bringing home a new pair of shoes. But, that feeling is often replaced with regret when painful blisters form during the first few wears of breaking them in.

However, much like most things in life, there’s a hack for that. Gone are the days of severe shoe-related pain—all you need is a blow dryer.

This shoe fitting hack is brought to us courtesy of Youtube creator Alpha M., who used a blow dryer to loosen his leather boots. It works the same on all other shoes, as long as they are made of leather or non-synthetic materials (heat could damage them if not).

To follow the shoe hack, first put on a pair of thick socks and then your new shoes. Hold the hairdryer over the tight spots of the shoes for about 30 seconds (at a safe distance, of course). Then, walk around the house as they cool off.

The heat from the blow dryer will loosen the parts of the shoe that are too tight. Once you remove the thick socks, you should notice a massive difference in the fit and comfort of the shoe.

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