Necklace Tangled? Grab Baby Powder

A bottle of baby powder is spilled onto a surface.

Picture this: you’re reaching into your jewelry box for your favorite necklace to complete your look. You take it out, and to your shock and horror, it’s a tangled mess.

You could sit there and spend more time than you want to untangle it. Or you could save yourself a few minutes of frustration and grab something you most likely already have in your home—baby powder (and just a bit of patience).

Baby powder acts as a lubricant, loosening up any friction, which will make it easier to unravel knots. For those super-tight knots that need special attention, a safety pin is also useful to have on hand.

To untangle a necklace with baby powder, first, lay the tangled necklace on a flat surface. Sprinkle powder directly onto the necklace, ensuring the entire thing has powder on it. Then, starting at the center and working your way out, gently pull the knots apart with your fingers.

Use the safety pin as needed to help guide the chain around the tangles that require enhanced dexterity. Repeat the steps as necessary, using as much baby powder as needed. Wipe it up with a paper towel, and ta-da!

Tangled necklaces are a pain in the neck—especially when traveling. Check out these jewelry packing tips to save you time and energy (but you may want to pack that baby powder too…just in case).

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