A Reddit thread in the “Ask Men” section has got our blood boiling after male commenters decided to enlighten the female population about what they find really unattractive.

Instead of focusing on bad personality traits, say selfishness or lack of humour, it has (surprise surprise) been purely focusing on the physical.

Last time we checked, women knew better than to bend to men’s every whim and fancy. So here’s our take on the most outrageous and downright dumb complaints on the ‘Ask Men’ thread.

1. “Excessive tanning. White people should not be brown.”

We’ll be sure to think of your displeasure when we are tanning on a beach drinking mojitos.

2. “That upper-lip piercing that makes a girl go from a 10 to a 3 instantly.”

Good to know you’re still using a numbered rating system.

3. “Being assertive/confident and being a bitch are not the same thing but some women seem to think they are.”

Oops. Sorry. Did we speak out of turn again?

4. “Acting like they have many men interested in them.”

We’re not acting.

5. “Excessive make-up. Being too done up in general really. Looks fake, looks like you’re trying too hard, potential sign of insecurity.”

Because an anonymous comment on women’s appearance in an internet forum is obviously a sign of a secure individual…

6. “Obnoxiously long nails. Old lady perfume. High waisted pants.”

Well that ruins our outfit for Friday night then.

7. “Most girls don’t look good in any style of pants as it leaves a small roll of fat over the pants even if the girl is fit.”

Wait. So now we aren’t even allowed to wear trousers?

8. “Wearing shawls like the blanket on your grandmother’s couch.”

We’ll be sure to return it when we return the perfume.

9. “High-waisted shorts.”

What’s with all the high-waisted short hate?

10. “Fake breasts, butt and lips.”

Oh, that’s original.

11. “Hoop earrings.”

We’re going to set J-Lo on you. And Beyonce.

12. “That cutesy little girl voice. It’s never sexy.”

Doesn’t it compliment our passive aggressive bitchiness though?

13. “Personally I don’t like nail polish, I’m OK with any color EXCEPT red. It makes me gag just thinking about it.”

Sorry, what?

14. “I think most men think of flo [period] when they see red lipstick.”

What are you, 12 years old?

15. “The big prom dresses. I get it, you look fancy.. But it looks like a pirate is about crash the prom and carry you away.”

How we wish a pirate would come and carry you away.

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