M.C. Overalls release killer jacket collab with beer bros Beavertown


You might not know British label M.C. Overalls but, since their 1908 founding, when three brothers – Louis Maister, and Myer and Morris Cooper – taught themselves the art of tailoring, they’ve been turning out durable workwear of the highest quality. Of course, back then, they used to produce practical attire – like, you know, overalls – and now, in 2017, what David Foster Wallace might call The Year of the Bergamot Hand Balm, it attracts a decidedly different customer.

Likewise, Beavertown – the big name in craft-tinnies – have attempted to take beer from just the public house to the gleaming digital agency, with its bright lights and ping-pong tables. Their collaboration, then, feels like a neat fit: clobber perfectly suited for life in the beer-dulled fast lane and quintessentially London, with push-button fronts and fun little Beavertown logos and artwork (designed by creative director Nick Dwyer) popping up here and there. Perfect beer garden attire.


The standout, for us, is the yellow-gold coach jacket with the cursive “BEAVERTOWN” on the back. That’s a doozy.

‘The general concept with the branding, here at Beavertown, is to make the whole beer experience tactile,” said Dwyer.

“This has naturally extended into our merchandise, attempting to make it more than just logos slapped on t-shirts. Serious consideration goes into garment quality and appropriate designs that make people want to wear the clothes as much as they support the brewery.”

The collab drops on 22nd June with pieces – that also include jumpers and overshirts – ranging from the very reasonable £35 to the also reasonable £95.

Available in-store at M.C. Overalls (64 Dean St, Soho, London W1D 4QG) and beavertownbrewery.co.uk


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