Lululemon’s Sold-Out Belt Bag Has an Amazon Alternative

A belt bag features interior mesh sections, a woman wears a belt bag slung over her shoulder and then around her waist, and a belt bag features a snap closure.

When it comes to athletic brands with cult followings, Lululemon is near the top. From the brand’s leggings to its accessories, people love their Lulu, but let’s be real, it’s pricy. Thankfully, one of its most popular products has an affordable Amazon alternative that’s more than half the price.

If you’re a fan of Lululemon’s belt bag, the Amazon alternative looks nearly identical and is under $20.

The Ododos Unisex Belt bag was discovered on TikTok as a dupe for the Lululemon bag. Essentially, it’s a fanny pack designed to be slung over the shoulder or around the waist and allows you to carry your must-have items hands-free.

The bag is waterproof and tear-resistant, so if you want to use it at the gym, it’s ideal. The Ododos also features a sturdy, adjustable, wide-width belt with a clasp at the edge for easy wear, and the simple bag comes in multiple colors—including basic black and bold neon hues—and features a zipper pouch on the outside for easy access to your must-haves.


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As for the interior, you’ll find mesh sections perfect for fitting a cellphone, as well as sections that can store wireless headphones, chapstick, snacks, hand sanitizer, and more. Basically, it’s a small bag that can handle a whole lot of stuff. And it’s cute to boot.

If you’ve had your eye on that sold-out Lululemon bag or you’re looking for a great gift for a friend this holiday season, this belt bag is the way to go.

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