Have you seen Lanvin’s Spring/Summer ‘15 campaign yet? The concept behind it is actually quite cool: named “Family Affair,” the new advertisements feature models who are actually… well, family. There are a few mother/daughter sets, a brother/brother set, and even a DJ/DJ set (that’s a different type of family, I guess), and the likenesses between the respective pairs of family members (emphasized by identical styling and makeup) is downright eerie. Some pairs look disarmingly Shining-like (“Come play with us, Danny. Forever… and ever… and ever…”), while others are so joyful it almost hurts to look at them: Any way you slice it, Lanvin’s “Family Affair” is quite the success.

The campaign features supermodeling giants like Pat Cleveland, Violetta Sanchez, and Kirsten Owen, all posing with their daughters (Anna Cleveland, Luz Godin, and Billie Rose Owen, respectively), as well as brothers Callum and Hayden Rockall, and the DJ-ing duo of Josh Quinton and Andy Bradin. All look absolutely fabulous (can this be a thing now? Familial high-fashion posing?). I especially liked Violetta Sanchez/Luz Godin (their similarities are uncanny, and their facial expressions are adorable — and ditto for Pat and Anna Cleveland). Which ones are your favorite? Let’s take a look:

Kirsten Owen and Billie Rose Owen


Callum Rockall and Hayden Rockall


Josh Quinton and Andy Bradin


Violetta Sanchez and Luz Godin


Pat Cleveland and Anna Cleveland