LANVIN channels messy cool with cracking new collection


It’s almost seven years to the day since Kanye West tweeted “I jog in Lanvin” (sadly now deleted along with the rest of his tweets – RIP IN PEACE) and so introduced the world/mainstream internet to the Parisian fashion house, one of the oldest in the world, since its foundation in 1889.

Now LANVIN – pronounced “lahn-vahn” – have been at hoovering up the high-brow casual couture game since self-styled “sartorial nerd” Lucas Ossendrijver took over the menswear arm, culminating in a brilliant showing of their new SS18 collection in their hometown this weekend. (ShortList’s fashion director Adrian Clarke messaged me to say they “killed it” which is a pretty big deal).

Featuring summer suiting and technical attire in industrial palettes (think metallic greys and icy blues, flashes of neon and a little bit of leather), the collection is also a messy-chic tour de force with a couple of the models (peep the bottom two, especially) decked out like they’ve just realised it’s non-uniform day and have had to throw an outfit together compiled only from items in the car-boot of the coolest mum ever. If you know what I mean. The layering is angular and who-gives-a-fuck and the clashing and composition of colours and patterns is confident and cool. You know the half-tuck that every cool person in every street style gallery has? This whole outfit is a half-tuck.

Time to perfect the art of not giving a shit.


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