If you already didn’t have a sort of love-hate relationship with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, your feelings are about to drastically sing one way or the other. Because whether you love them for their style and beauty or you hate them because they are more wealthy in their teens than you will most likely ever be, the Jenner sisters have just hit it big in the fashion world. Between Kendall modeling at major shows in Paris and Kylie posting selfies that make us question everything, you’d think the two wouldn’t have time for much of anything when it comes to business, but you’d be wrong. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are officially collaborating with Topshop.

Kate Moss. Beyonce. Kendall and Kylie Jenner. That’s the string of celebrity collaborations that Topshop has going for it at the moment — not bad, eh? Kendall and Kylie are definitely in some pretty special company when it comes to their new gig, but brand collaborations are really nothing new to them. Between collections with PacSun (including a recently launched Valentine’s Day line) and Madden Girl, the Jenner sisters have been capitalizing on their brand for a while now. While Topshop is the big leagues, for sure, something tells me this is only the beginning for Kendall and Kylie.

According to Fashionista, Harper’s Bazaar UK reported rumors of a possible collaborationbetween the high-street retailer and the mega-famous siblings, with a representative from Topshop later confirming that a collaboration is, in fact, in the works. However, details about the partnership have yet to surface. Who knows what the collaboration will shape up to look like — but my guess? A lot of harem pants, crop tops, a black color palette, and ample opportunities for displaying cleavage.