Keep Your Skin Clean In A Big City


Weather, pollution and sweat are hard to avoid in big cities, making it even harder to keep our skin clean and looking its best! Today, our NYC editor Carly is sharing her tips and tricks for keeping skin clean in New York, and how you can find the best skin regimen for yourself.

I was always pretty lucky growing up, because—minus the occasional breakout—I never struggled with skin issues. But since moving to New York City about a year ago, I suddenly have found myself with more breakouts and skin problems than ever before due to the shock of the hot and dirty city. Happily, with a lot of experimenting now under my belt and having focused more intentionally on my skin care routine, I finally feel like I’ve found the tools I need to keep my skin looking its best.


Tools of the trade:
One of the first steps to getting cleaner skin is getting a deeper clean. I recently started using a Clarisonic Mia2 to help get all my make-up off at night, as well as the pollution and dirt my skin comes in contact with while walking around the city. I’ve noticed it takes less time than my old routine using just face wash, and the best part is that it removes 30 times more pollutants than manual cleaning, which helps me feel extra clean before bed.

Quick fix products:
On steamy hot days or after a sweaty workout, its important to keep products in my purse that I can easily clean my skin with before I take a shower at home. These Alba Botanica Hawaiian 3-in-1 Cleansing Towelettes are my favorite to use on the go to wipe my face, chest and back. Another favorite quick fix isNeutrogena Body Clear Body Spray. Another new skin issue I gained in the city is breakouts on my chest and back due to walking everywhere (and running to catch the subway!). After a shower, I spray a few spritzes of the product on my chest and back, and it has helped so much in keeping my body breakout-free.


Good vibes only inside the welcoming and chic Heyday lobby before my facial

Let the professionals handle it:
One of the best things I have done for my skin is allowing myself to splurge every other month on a professional facial. Not only do these procedures help to give my skin a deeper clean, but the facialists also recommend products that will keep my skin clean and make it looks its best. I recently stopped by Heyday, which is a new facial shop in NYC that customizes their facials to your skin type in quick and easy 30- and 55-minute facials. In just half an hour, my facialist made my dull-looking skin glow and I left feeling fresh-faced. Letting a professional work their magic on your face only leads to an easier skin routine for the week ahead!

Give your skin breathing room:
The most important thing I have learned, however, is to let my skin breathe. Our skin goes through so much during the week, and it feels so refreshing to have bare skin every once and a while. On the weekends, I’ve tried to wear little to no makeup and just smooth on a light lotion instead, like Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel—a favorite that I’ve worn for years. I also reward myself with at-home masks and serums to keep my skin extra moisturized, which is another key part to helping reduce breakouts. I’m always so surprised by how much good a weekend of rest can do my skin!

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