If you thought the winged sneakers great, wait until you see Jeremy Scott’s perfume for Adidas. Adidas has been collaborating with everyone lately, huh? This year alone, they’ve created collections with Rita Ora (her graphic rose prints are amazing), Mary Katrantzou(those silhouettes!), Pharrell (seriously, who hasn’t he collaborated with?), and Selena Gomez (whose collection was actually much cuter than I was expecting). You know who else has been doing a lot of collaborations this year? Jeremy Scott — there was his wholeMoschino/Barbie Milan Fashion Week smorgasbord of bubblegum pink, his recent unveiling of Miley Cyrus’ “Dirty Hippie” art at one of his recent runway shows, and hiscovetably art pop-y tote bags for Longchamps. So, I’m glad to see Scott and Adidas are continuing their beautiful partnership, despite all the other things that’ve come up this year.

It’s not on athletics gear or sneakers like you might expect. Instead, this time they’ve decided to collaborate on a fragrance. It’s not Scott’s first: Earlier this year, he designed Toy for Moschino (you might remember it as the adorable teddy bear labeled “This is not a Moschino toy”). His perfume for Adidas is just as cheeky when it comes to packaging — the fragrance is housed inside a glass sneaker (I’ll just let that sink in for a second). The shoe is outfitted with frosted glass wings, as well as Scott’s signature across the bottom, and it’s surprisingly cute for a glass athletic shoe filled with perfume. What do you think?

It’s kitschy as all heck, but I kind of love it.