Is Rinsing Hair in Cold Water Actually Good for It?

A woman rinses her hair with a detachable shower head.

We know, the idea of taking a cold shower isn’t a comforting or relaxing one. But what if we told you that rinsing your locks with cold water may actually be good for it?

It’s true! While scrubbing your scalp with warm water is a surefire way of removing all that dirt and oil, rinsing with cold water has significant benefits.

This is because hot water opens the hair’s cuticles, whereas cold water closes it. And when you close those cuticles after washing, that moisture is locked in, giving you soft and shiny hair.

“Washing your hair with cold water helps with closing your cuticle after the wash,” celebrity hairstylist Florian Hurel told Vogue India. “This also has the added benefit of helping, along with your haircare products, to make your hair look strong and shiny, and who doesn’t want that?”

If you use hot water frequently to wash your hair, it could eventually strip your hair of its natural oils. And while you don’t have to use freezing cold water, as anything below room temperature will do, rinsing your hair with cold water may give that boost of shine and hydration.

However, this technique may not be the one to try if you have very thin or fine hair. Since cold water locks in moisture, it could weigh your strands down, giving the appearance of flat hair.

But if your hair could use some shine, give it a try! Or, reach for a hair mask if you can’t stomach the thought of a cold shower (we don’t blame you).

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