How to Wear Ballet Flats So You’re On Trend

Woman wearing white button-up tucked into jeans/woman in leather skirt and leopard ballet flats/woman wearing cropped denim and flats

When it comes to versatile shoes, ballet flats are a winner, and as a bonus, they’re trending! The flats are comfortable, practical, and cute. Plus, when you know how to style ballet flats, you’ll stay on trend and can enjoy looking chic, comfortable, and cool all year long. Because yes, they work for all seasons.

Not sure how to wear ballet flats, though? Let’s cover some tips and ballet flat outfits you can put together to look your best. Because it’s easier than you might think to style ballet flats correctly and get the most out of their functionality.

Table of Contents

Wear Cropped Jeans
Avoid Maxi Dresses
Try Fun Patterns
Go French
Incorporate Layers

Wear Cropped Jeans

Woman wearing cropped jeans and black flats

Looking for a way to wear ballet flats during all seasons? Keep your cropped jeans on hand—they’ll look fantastic with ballet flats!

Skinny, cuffed, and flared cropped jeans can all work when you’re trying to style ballet flats correctly. They allow you to show off your shoes while embracing all weather types. Add a long-sleeved button-up or cozy sweater on top for fall, and you’ll have a trendy autumn outfit. Wear your flats with cropped jeans and a crop top during summer for a chic and casual look. The sky is the limit with this combination.

Avoid Maxi Dresses

Woman wearing printed midi skirt and heels

Maxi dresses are beautiful, comfortable, and often perfect for all seasons since they’re longer but also flowy. But, if you’re looking for ballet flat outfits, avoid maxi dresses and choose something shorter.

First, maxi dresses might simply be too long for flats. The fabric could end up dragging on the ground or causing you to trip. If it does hit the ground, it could throw off the whole look of the outfit, causing it to bunch at the bottom. You also won’t be able to see the flats, so wearing your favorite pair would be kind of pointless.

If you want to wear ballet flats and dresses or skirts, stick to midi dresses or mini skirts so you can show them off.

Try Fun Patterns

Leopard print ballet flats

It never hurts to stick with the basics and have a few neutral ballet flat options in your wardrobe. But, if you want to know how to wear ballet flats to stay on trend, don’t be afraid to go bold with different styles, colors, and patterns.

Mixing up the patterns allows you to dress your ballet flats up or down for just about any occasion. It also allows you to show off your personal sense of style. So, have fun as you’re picking out patterns and people will be likely to notice your bold and beautiful personality through what you’re wearing on your feet.

Go French

Woman wearing oversized white button-up shirt tucked into pants

France and fashion go hand-in-hand, and while you can adopt French lifestyle choices in many different ways (pastries for breakfast, anyone?), you can’t go wrong by “borrowing” some of their outfit trends.

One of the best ways to wear ballet flats that are currently in style in France is to pair them with jeans (full-length or cropped), an oversized button-up shirt, and a jacket or blazer. Tuck the shirt into the jeans, add a chunky belt, and you’ll look extremely put-together, chic, and sophisticated all at once. It’s a dressy-casual option that allows you to stay comfortable and on-trend while showing off your autumnal style.

Incorporate Layers

Woman wearing chunky green sweater

If you’re looking to wear ballet flats in cooler weather, layer up to add dimension to your look. Just because it’s cooler, that doesn’t mean you need to slip on your tall brown boots just yet. Layering can be a great way to wear ballet flats longer into the season without freezing!

As the temperatures start to drop, switch to skinny jeans that go all the way to the ankle. Or, wear a pair of warm knit leggings under a chunky sweater or dress. You can even wear tights underneath a plaid or wool skirt to stay cozy while still wearing flats. Layer up on top, and you’ll be able to get away with wearing flats until the first snow falls.

Sure, ballet flats are trending, but if you’ve always thought they were the one trick pony of shoes, that’s just not true. As you can see, ballet flat outfits are easier to put together than you might have originally thought.

Try some of these tips to make the most of your flats and get in on this trend ahead of the game.

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