How to Wear a Mini Skirt This autumn


October is a great month. The sun shines. Amelia writes horoscopes. At Man Repeller, it’s even unofficially become the 31-day tribute to Sex and the City. Most importantly, though, the weather is still warm. Pop cultural phenomenons are in full swing and so are we — philandering through the streets of our towns, sweaters on chest, pants on legs. Not yet forced to endure the prison that is a lockdown in our own domestic dwelling spaces due to the chatter of a snow storm, we hold no responsibilities save for those we impose upon ourselves. We can still wear sandals, for heaven’s sake! Stick our noses up at the tights that become second skin in later months. We wear short skirts, and with those skirts, show the world that, yes, we are those kinds of girls who only shave from June to August.

So what?


Only me?


That’s fine. And it certainly won’t stop me.

One of my favorite dressing cues to emerge from Halloween’s antecedent is pairing very short skirts with layers. Layers! Because the thing about a short skirt when it’s hot is that it is hot, so you don’t get to sartorially bartend and concoct weird visions. You just put on the skirt and tank and the sandals and you leave home. When it gets a little cooler, though, you get to get weirder. Allow me to demonstrate.


Here I am in a short sleeve knit by Miu Miu (any short sleeve knit will work — you can even make your own if you’ve got a pair of scissors) worn over an old men’s Steven Alan button down with a red skirt that thinks it is python but trust me, is not, from River Island. I’m wearing the slingbacksand a pair of Céline sunglasses. The necklace is by a Brazilian designer called Aracano. Could I have worn in July? Hell no! But in October, legs out and ankles exposed for all the world to bend and snap? Oh yeah. This is the kind of look I could *totally* see you wearing to work. Or to jury duty.


Here we have exhibit B (that Fiji bottle isn’t product placement, but it is mine. I was parched — parched, I tell ya! So thirsty). Which is the I’m Not Going to a Holiday Party Party Outfit and features the liquid metallic turtleneck I got from Topshop during the last round of Man on the Shops: The Best of What’s Around worn under a pinstriped vest by Edun. The jacket is Rosie Assoulin (flare sleeves for all!) and the skirt is from All Saints. The ankle socks are also from Topshop while the pumps, white and patent leather, are Manolo Blahnik.

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