How to Make Your Sheet Mask Fit Perfectly

Regular sheet mask users know they can be complicated. While unfolding them just right and avoiding getting serum all over yourself can be difficult, these masks pack a hydration punch, and there’s now a hack that’ll make them (finally) fit just right).

While you’ll still have to avoid the dripping serum and figure out the puzzle of unfolding, content creator Ava, of @GlowWithAva, showcased a simple hack that’ll make sure the mask fits perfectly.

In her video, Ava begins by placing the sheet mask onto her clean skin. When it has adhered without needing to be held in place, she grabs a pair of scissors and cuts a horizontal line along the bridge of the nose, a vertical line above the lip opening, and another vertical line along the chin.

Now, with the cuts done, she pulls the sheet mask in, overlapping the cuts until it perfectly fits her face. When in place, she smoothes the whole thing down, wears it for the appropriate amount of time, and then removes, rubbing in the remaining serum.

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For those who have always struggled with keeping a mask on and constantly have to readjust it, Ava’s hack might just make you a sheet mask enthusiast.

Don’t worry, though, if you’re still not on team sheet mask, you can always try a charcoal mask.

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