How To Highlight & Contour For A Natural Look

natural contour

If you’re in touch with the beauty world, you may be aware that contouring is huge right now. Countless cosmetic brands have released their own versions of contour palettes, and it seems that celebs are rocking this chiseled look left and right! This trend has intrigued us from the beginning, but it also got us to wondering: How can those of us who aren’t heading to a photoshoot or red carpet event wear this look? Sure, we want impressive cheekbones and a defined jawline—but we also don’t want to look unnatural! So, we did some research and composed some tips for achieving a contoured look that’s perfect for everyday wear. Keep reading for the details, and be sure to let us know in the comments how you feel about this beauty trend!

Stick to similar formulas.
If you’re using a liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer, you’ll want to use liquid- or cream-based contour products. The same goes for powder bases. Your contour will look most natural when you’ve blended the same types of products together. In the summertime, we tend to reach for liquid- or cream-based products—they melt into our skin better and blend seamlessly, without appearing cakey.

Remember: The right tools are crucial.
We’ve found that a sponge like the beautyblender ($20) works wonders with liquid products, as it pushes the product into the skin until it’s virtually undetectable! If you’re using a thicker cream or powder product, try a bigger brush that will effectively erase all harsh edges. We love this one by Make Up For Ever ($53).

Go in a little at a time.
Start with as little product as possible, then build as needed. You can always add more, but it’s a hassle to take away product if you’ve initially gone in too strong. Another tip: Look straight ahead in your mirror to get an idea of what others will see when they look at you head-on.

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