How to Get That No-Makeup Look for Spring

One girl applies mascara, another adds a lip stain, and a third smiles with flushed cheeks.

No-makeup makeup isn’t exactly a new concept. Essentially, it’s about enhancing your features with cosmetics to create a light, natural look, and we’ve hunted down the best products to help you get it!

If you love full-coverage foundation or can’t live without your liquid eyeliner, you keep doing you. If, however, you want to experiment with a lighter look for spring or daytime wear, these easy-to-apply, lightweight products definitely belong in your cart.


A person wears a blurring skin tine, and a skin tint is swatched showing multiple shades.

When it comes to your complexion, the no-makeup look is all about minimal foundation. A shade that looks like your skin tone is the way to go. This means sheer-to-light coverage products that provide a glow, while also evening out your skin tone, and covering any small imperfections. It’s like your skin, but better!


Here are some of our favorite products to provide the perfect no-makeup base:

Skin tint: We like Fenty Beauty’s Eaze Drop because it evens out your skin tone, while also blurring hyperpigmentation and smoothing fine lines. You can apply it with your fingers for an ultra-quick routine, or use a brush to build it up to cover any excess redness or blemishes. It gives you a luminous glow that doesn’t look oily. If your skin is naturally oily skin, just use some powder to set.

Four people smile while holding tinted sunscreen, and three arms have swatches of skin tint.

Tinted sunscreen: Sun protection is key year-round, but especially in spring and summer, as most of us spend more time outdoors. Tower28’s SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen offers both sun protection, while also evening out your skin tone and concealing minor blemishes. It’s perfect if you want a more natural, no-makeup finish, and its also formulated for sensitive and/or problem skin.

Arms have swatches of product, and a person applies a foundation in a before and after photo.

Medium coverage: Those who prefer a bit more coverage can opt for a light-to-medium coverage foundation, like Urban Decay’s Hydromaniac. Made with marula oil, it provides hydration and enough coverage to hide everything from redness to hyperpigmentation. You’ll also get a glowing, radiant finish.


A woman smiles, and a wand sits nexts to a bottle of blush.

As the “no-makeup” makeup look is all about glowing, natural skin, a pop of color and glow on the cheeks are important. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with hybrid highlighter/blush products, as well as cream and liquid formulas.


These are some of our favorite products for your cheeks:

Liquid blush: If you haven’t yet heard about Rare Beauty’s Soft Pinch Liquid Blush, it’s time to change that! This liquid formula packs a pigment punch. You’ll only need a small amount to get that perfect flush, which also means it’ll last for a while. It’s also incredibly blendable and comes in multiple colors. Throw in the glowing finish you get, and you’ve got a real must-have for your cosmetics bag.

A woman holds a pan of blush.

Powdered blush: Many people prefer powdered blush, and there’s no reason to stop now. The trick for the no-makeup look is using a formula that features some shimmer, too. That’s exactly why we recommend Ambient Lighting Blush by Hourglass. It combines strong pigments with shimmer powders all swirled together for some perfectly glowing color on your cheeks.

A cream blush stick and swatches of blush.

Cream blush: Wet n Wild’s MegaGlow is an affordable option you can swipe on and easily blend with your fingers. You can create a natural pop of color, as well as a bit of highlight.


Brow pencil swatches are on people's arms.

Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with perfect, full brows, so we need a little help. Even those who do have those currently on-trend, fluffy brows have to tame them sometimes.

When it comes to the natural, no-make look, the most important thing to do is keep them looking fluffy, but well-groomed, and these products can help you out:

Brow pencil: For those who haven’t been blessed with ample brows, this affordable option from NYX is ultrathin, so you can carefully fill in any sparse areas without going overboard. Plus, the spool on the end allows you to brush your brows to create an even fuller look.

A woman holds up a brow gel, and several brow gels are displayed on a holographic background.

Tinted gel: If you have a fuller brow line, but still have a few areas that could use some help, the tinted Kosas’ Air Brow gel is the way to go. It’ll darken your brows, but also contains plant-based, hair-like fibers that adhere to your brows and thicken any sparse areas. Plus, it comes in 10 different shades, so you can find your perfect match.

A clear brow gel sits over containers.

Clear gel: If you simply need to tame your wild brows and don’t need any additional color, this clear formula from e.l.f. Cosmetics will do the trick. It keeps your brows in place and smoothed down for a well-groomed look.


A woman applies mascara.

When it comes to eyes, the no-makeup look requires very little. However, you can customize your look as much as you want. Generally, the lid is left bare, and just a bit of mascara is applied.

However, if you want to draw a bit more attention to your eyes, a bold mascara and/or a subtle eyeliner is a great plan. We recommend the following products for a more natural-looking eye:


Buildable mascara: Caliray’s Come Hell or High Water is a tubing mascara, which means polymers wrap around your lashes to evenly coat them. You can also build it up to add more length and volume. However, a single coat can amp up your natural lashes just enough for a more natural look.

Three arms have swatches of eyeliner shades.

Waterproof eyeliner: Those who want to add a little extra oomph can grab this waterproof eyeliner from Urban Decay in the shade closest to your natural brow color. Either a thin line along your upper lash line or a tight line along your upper waterline will make your lashes look fuller, yet natural. It’s also smudge-resistant and easy to apply.

A tube of clear mascara.

Clear mascara: For those who want to go as minimalist as possible, a clear mascara, like Maybelline’s Great Lash, is perfect. It will hold your lashes in place if you choose to curl them first. It also enhances your individual lashes for an overall fuller appearance.


A person wears clear lip gloss.

Lip liner and bold colors are out for the no-makeup look. Like the trend’s approach to foundation, your lips should be natural but enhanced. So, think clear glosses and tinted balms.


It also doesn’t hurt that these products will nourish your lips, while also providing a pout:

Clear gloss: To add a bit of shine without any color, we recommend M.A.C. Cosmetics’ Lipglass. It’s a cult classic for a reason! It makes your lips look glossy without being overdone. Plus, when you’re not going for a no-makeup look, you can add it on top of your lipstick and instantly give a matte a glossy finish.

a person applies a lip tint, and a bottle of lip tint sits on a box of packaging.

Lip stain: For those who do want a bit of color, we love Benefit’s Benetint Rose Lip & Cheek Tint. It provides just a flush of color without being overpowering. Plus, because it’s a stain, there won’t be any smudging or transfer. It’s practically like wearing nothing.

A woman holds up a lip balm, and three lip balms sit together.

Balm: Those willing to splurge won’t find a better product than Dior’s Addict Lip Glow. This nourishing formula adds shine without the sticky, glossy texture. The best part, though, is it adjusts to the pH of your lips to create a custom shade that’s ultra-natural.

This spring and summer, if you’re looking to embrace a more natural look, the no-makeup makeup trend is perfect. Plus, because it requires fewer products, it’s not only better for your skin, but you’ll also save some cash!

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