How to Find Your Passion in the Next 5 Minutes

I read a wonderful post on this blog recently about we don’t FIND our passions, they come THROUGH us: Our passions are already there. (See: Forget About Finding Your Passion)

This is very, very true.

I was reminded of this over the weekend while teaching a workshop on finding your passion and creating income from it.

We were in the portion of the class in which I did some *laser consults* from the front of the auditorium. I was helping one man come to understand his true *Passion*. In fact, he was close, because he already knew that he wanted to be a Professional Speaker. However, he couldn’t choose WHICH of many topics he wanted to speak on.

I put it to him square: “What would you do with your life’s work, if you were going to die tomorrow?”

He was taken aback. He deflected. Said if he were to die tomorrow, he’d go air ballooning.

So would I!

So I tried again: “If life were compressed into 24 hours, and you could make a the impact of your life in that time, what topic would you speak about?”

“I’d help people understand that they can lose a serious amount of weight and keep it off for good, because I did this myself,” he said.

The man was incredibly slim and filled with light, so I imagined he’d be GREAT at his job.

He started to speak some more. I heard him say “But I….”

I stopped him. I refused to let him go on because I wanted him to look and see and really HONOR the statement he made. He was getting ready to dilute it. Perhaps he was going to think of some other topics that were equally exciting to him. But he didn’t choose those first, did he?

“That’s it!” I said. “You HAVE your Passion! You said it! That is IT!”

He let me sky-write his passion on the chalkboard.

We all try to muddle our instincts. We second-guess our gut, our heart, and the personal knowledge-base that we spent years accruing. Possibly we have too much information at our fingertips. We think that there’s some other ‘thing’ outside of ourselves we could be doing.

No. It isn’t that way. If we stop and listen to ourselves, and make strong statements right from the most central place where we dwell, we can trust our navigation. We can trust where it leads us.

Yes, I know you like many things.

Yes, I know you can do many things.

And yes, you will have to flesh out and develop your ‘thing’. After all, we still don’t know how you will find the work or create the work that allows you to express your “Thing’.

But you have your thing, it was born in you and has been expressing THROUGH you for a long time. Give it primacy. Give it love. Give it the honor of your total attention. All things will be born through it.

I’m giving you a metaphorical timer. You have 5 minutes. You will pass into the ethos tomorrow and all that will be left behind is your greatest gifts, changes, and shared love. What is yours to share, with whom, and using what?

Write it down.

Now go make it happen.

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