How To Find Out Your Skin Type

skin type

At least once a lifetime you should go to the cosmetologist to find out your skin type. Because only then you will be able to choose the most appropriate cosmetic products which your skin will give the best effect. Any type of skin can have problems – pigmentation, wrinkles, enlarged capillaries, tumors, hair.

You Can Determine Your Skin Type By Eye

To determine your skin type, you must first thoroughly cleanse your skin and for several hours let it rest without cosmetics. Later, your have to take a close look at it and test it by carefully viewing in the mirror.

  • The normal skin can be characterized by optimal skin sebum excretion. This means that practically there are not visible pores and they also are not blocked. After rinsing the skin with the water or after a bath you do not feel a tightness of your skin. Normal skin is very rare.
  • The  dry skin can be characterized by sebum deficit. This means that the skin produces insufficient skin fat. Practically, you cannot see the pores (although on the nose usually we can see them for everyone) not on the forehead, not on the ends of cheeks, not on the chin. After sports activities, procedures or steam bath there is a feeling of tightness. This is the main sign that you have a dry skin. If the care for your dry skin is improper already at the age of 25 there may appear noticeable wrinkles, but at the age of 30 years, there even might be signs of flabby skin. Another characteristic of dry skin is sensitivity, it may be thin without gloss.
  • The oily skin is characterized by the overproduction of skin sebum. In the most cases, you can see larger or smaller pores, which can also be zonal like it is in a case of a combination skin (in T-zone – forehead, nose and chin are expressed in the pores, but in the edges of the face the pores practically do not see). After washing the face there is not a feeling of tightness. Oily skin can be comedogenic (visible comedones – black dots or fat pins, which is a result of skin fat oxygen oxidation, as well as dust adhesion fat) or liquid sebum form (popularly known as orange peel face – the pores are large, and face all time – both in the morning and in the evening glows. In the pores fat does not accumulate because they are liquid). If the prolonged skin is oily, it tends to thicken.

Why Is It So Hard To Figure Out Your Skin Type By Yourself

If the skin sheds the women often think that the skin is dry, so there is a need for a cream for dry skin. In fact, it shows that the skin is dehydrated. Dry skin not in full produce skin fat instead of lack of moisture. And now imagine – when the skin sheds, but in reality, you have oily skin, then by spreading over the cream for dry skin, it does not have where to put the extra fat.

In fact, your skin by itself is capable of producing fat. As a result continues the dehydration process of your skin and its sheds. Dehydrated may be all skin types.

Can Your Skin Type Change?

Yes, a little bit can – from oily to very oily skin. But it will never be that in youth you have a dry skin, but after ten years – oily. Yes, the years not only slows down metabolism, but also the production of skin fat and skin type may vary slightly, but never – drastically. Skin type can also fluctuate during pregnancy and after the baby is born to return to a previous state or a little change.

Our latitudes, skin type may slightly vary seasonally, for example, in the summer dry skin is not as dry as in the winter, while the oily – will shine even more.

Myth About Skin Care In Winter And Summer

Previously, people believed that in the winter, skin must be fed and in the summer – moisturized. Every skin type has to be moisturized, not depending on the skin type. We are feeding the only skin that lacks fat, that is, dry skin. The feeding can be cyclic, for example, once a week put a nutritional deposition mask, seasonal and local (for example, in the chin area and the face ends).

Cleansing And Moisturizing

skin cleansing

  • If the skin is oily, it requires specific cleansing means for the skin degreasing (these are features that foam may also be a gel, facial soap).
  • For combination skin, it is recommended to look for the help at beauticians to choose the most appropriate skin care products. If oily skin is also problematic, then probably you will also have to use anti-inflammatory agents.
  • If the skin is dry, it is recommended to clean it with milk. A new generation of royal jelly is hydrolipidic (this means that it can fully be washed with water), which is simultaneously purifier and humidifier. Usually, it has a light emulsion texture. At first, milk is slick, then at some point becomes “crisis phase”, meaning it will not slide over the skin, but further manipulation appears oily-coated. This means that the product has done the moisturizing and now can be washed off. After such treatment, the skin does not have the feeling of tightness.
  • Oily skin can be scrubbed more often and you also can use a scrub with abrasive particles, but dry – less frequent.
  • The daily moisturizing cream should be chosen according to the skin type. One of the most intensive wetting is hyaluronic acid, which contains a variety of cosmetics.

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