How to Enable Noise Cancellation for AirPods Pro on Mac

AIrPods Pro next to a MacBook touchpad.

The AirPods Pro come with a noise cancellation mode. The iPhone and iPad guide you through the process of switching between modes, but the Mac doesn’t. Here’s how you can enable noise-canceling on AirPods Pro on Mac.

There are two ways to enable noise cancellation for AirPods Pro on the Mac. You can do this using the stem of your AirPods Pro, or the Volume menu on your Mac.

Toggle Noise Cancellation for AirPods Pro Using the Mac Menu Bar

The quickest way to switch between different noise-control modes on the Mac is using the Volume menu from the Mac menu bar.

If you don’t see the Volume button in the menu bar, you can enable it from “System Preferences.” To do this, click the “Apple” icon from the menu bar, and choose the “System Preferences” option.

Click System Preferences From Apple Menu

Here, choose the “Sound” option.

Choose Sound from System Preferences

Now, go to the “Output” tab, and make sure that “Show Volume in Menu Bar” is checked.

Enable Show Volume in Menu Bar Option

Now, you’ll see a Volume icon in the menu bar. Once your AirPods Pro are connected to your Mac, click the “Volume” button, and select your AirPods Pro.

To turn on “Noise Cancellation” mode, click the speaker icon on the Mac menu bar, point to your AirPods Pro, and select “Noise Cancellation” from the Noise Control list. You can also turn it “Off” or enable “Transparency” mode by clicking those options.

Enable Noise Cancellation from Menu Bar in Mac

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How to Quickly Enable or Disable Noise Cancellation on AirPods Pro

Unlike the AirPods, the AirPods Pro don’t come with a double-tap feature. Instead, you press and hold the force sensor in the stem of the AirPods Pro. By default, you can press and hold either stems to switch between the three noise-control modes: Noise Cancellation, Transparency, and Off.

Press and Hold AirPods Pro Force Sensor in Stem

The Off mode is the normal mode. The Transparency mode actively lets in environmental sounds along with the playback, and the Noise Cancellation mode blocks all noise.

Simply press and hold the stem on either side of the AirPods Pro to cycle between the modes. On the surface, this sounds quite simple. But you might not like or want to use the Transparency mode.

There is a way to remove the Transparency mode from the switching process altogether.

After connecting your AirPods Pro to your Mac, click the “Apple” icon from the menu bar, and choose the “System Preferences” option.

Click System Preferences From Apple Menu

Here, choose the “Bluetooth” option.

Choose Bluetooth from System Preferences

Now, click the “Options” button next to your AirPods Pro.

Click Options next To AirPods Pro

Here, make sure that Noise Control is enabled for Left, Right, or both AirPods Pro.

Then, from the “Noise Control Toggles Between” section, disable the “Transparency” option. Then, click the “Done” button to save the options.

Disable Transparency Mode and Choose Done

Now, when press and hold the force sensor on the AirPods Pro to simply enable or disable the Noise Cancellation mode.

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