How to Curl Your Hair With 3 Different Styling Tools


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Maybe you’re traveling without sufficient room in your suitcase, or perhaps you’ve never felt the need to invest in more than one heating tool. Whatever your reason to consolidate, NYC-based stylist Lizzy Weinberg shows us how to curl no matter the device you have on hand—whether a curling wand, an old-school clamp curling iron, or a flat iron.



Clamp Curling Iron

Hold your hair—depending on your desired style, the placement will vary. For a beachy look with textured ends, hold it about an inch from the end. For a more polished end or tighter curl, hold the very tip. Keep the clamp open and wrap the hair around the wand, loose and far apart for a wave, and tightly wrapped for a curl. If you want more volume, keep curling until you get close to the root of the hair; for less, stop closer closer to mid-shaft. Now close the clamp for an extra blast of heat, then open it and drop the curl. Pull the end of your hair while it’s still hot to soften and loosen the curl.


Curling Wand

Hold onto the end of a section of hair and wrap it around the wand starting at the middle of the hair shaft. Keep the ends from touching the wand with your fingertips if you want texture on the bottom and avoid going too high up in order to create more of a soft curl or wave. Drop the curl from the iron and gently pull the end to soften.


Flat Iron

Hold your hair at the end and wrap it around the bottom plate of the flat iron starting at about the middle of the hair shaft. Once you have your hair tightly wrapped, spin the iron toward your head—this will wrap the rest of the hair around the entire iron. The iron is basically creating a curl by moving the hair around the hot plates in a wrapping motion instead of being pulled straight.

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