How Often Should You Wash Your Hairbrush?

A boar bristle hair brush has hairs coming out of it.

By now, you’re probably tired of being told that another beauty product in your home needs to be cleaned. But seriously, when was the last time you washed your hairbrush?

We aren’t talking about those times you pulled out clumps of hair wrapped around the brush’s bristles. We’re talking about actually deep-cleaning your hairbrush. Turns out, you should be doing so every few weeks (and once a week for those who use hair products daily).

Not to gross you out, but your hairbrush collects much more than hair. Hairbrushes often accumulate hair product build-up, oil, dust mites, and dead skin cells. Thought it couldn’t get worse? Turns out, additional bacteria and fungus can even grow in our hairbrushes if unwashed.

Before you run to your bathroom to scrub your hairbrush, it’s important to note that any soap or shampoo is okay to use on synthetic brushes like plastic and rubber. For natural hairbrushes made of wood or boar, though, opt for a gentler wash like sulfate-free shampoo.

Simply soak the brush in warm soapy water for ten minutes (if the brush is made of natural material, don’t soak, just dip it in the water). Then, use a toothbrush—that you won’t put in your mouth anymore—and scrub in between the bristles to remove any gunk.

Another hygiene product that many don’t realize needs to be cleaned frequently is your loofah. Haven’t washed that in a while either? You may want to get on that.

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