How Often Do You Need to Wash Jeans?

Jeans are placed in a front loading washing machine.

You’re home from a casual day at the office or have finished running a few errands. All you want to do is change out of your jeans and into loungewear. So should you toss that denim in the wash?

Not so fast! When it comes to how often you clean jeans, the frequency might be less than you think.

On average, you should be washing your jeans every nine to 10 wears according to Patric Richardson, host of The Laundry Guy on Discovery+. The expert told TODAY that your jeans should have a bit of visible dirt and be a bit sweaty by this point. Of course, if you’ve done yard work or another vigorous, dirtying task in your denim, go ahead and toss them in the wash.

While you obviously don’t want to wash jeans too infrequently (because that’s gross), washing them too much can actually damage them, reducing their lifespan, and sending you shopping earlier than you’d have hoped. For example, darker denim that’s washed too frequently will lose its color, and stretch denim’s fibers will begin to break down, losing their shape.

When it does come time to do the laundry, your jeans should be washed in warm water that’ll help activate detergent, and it should be a short cycle so as not to tumble the pants too much, potentially causing damage to the fabric. When they’re done, hang them out to dry. If you must put them in the dryer, do so for as little time as possible in a low heat setting.

Whether it’s your favorite pair of comfy boyfriend jeans or dark wash denim perfect for a night out, washing your jeans doesn’t have to happen as often as you think.

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