How Hairspray Can Fix Your Falling Zipper

A pair of jeans' zipper is down.

The more you wear your favorite pair of jeans, the more the zipper will begin to experience a lot of wear and tear. That could be falling, and nobody likes being told their fly is open.

Thankfully, there’s a zipper hack that can help, and all you need is hairspray.

Zippers often become loose and fall because the more you tug at the zipper, the greater chance you have of lifting the locking mechanism out of place. The slider might also begin to stretch and warp, creating looseness where a zipper just can’t hold.

When that happens, it’s time to grab some trusty strong-hold hairspray (the thicker, the better).

To prevent your zipper from falling, close it and spray hairspray along the last inch or so of the zipper teeth. The hairspray will build up and act as glue, holding the zipper in place for the entirety of your day (just make sure you don’t need to go the bathroom before using this hack).

This temporary fix needs to be repeated each time you wash the pants, of course, or each time you notice the tackiness wear off once.

But the next time you have that hairspray out to fix your zipper, take a second to appreciate its greatness—it can do so many things, from keeping your favorite hairstyle in place to preserving a bouquet of flowers.

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