Here’s How Often You Should Be Washing Your Swimsuit

A swimsuit hangs next to a hat on a laundry line.

Summer is here, and there are pool days and beach vacations ahead. While you’re probably planning your relaxing pool or beachside lounging days, there is one very practical thing you need to consider, too.

How often should you clean your swimsuit? The answer is more often than you probably think.

The frequency you wash your swimsuit depends on where you’re wearing and how you’re wearing the suit. Those who swim in saltwater or chlorinated water will want to wash their swimsuits every time they take a dip. Chlorine can eat away at the fabric if left alone, and saltwater can also damage the material. Getting rid of it immediately can prolong the life of your suit.

If you’re wearing your swimsuit simply to sunbathe or hang out by the water but won’t be swimming, you should also wash it after use. In this case, it wears more like an undergarment and should be treated as one.

Those who will be swimming in freshwater (like a lake or river) or unchlorinated water should was their suits every three to five wears.

As for best washing practices, while you can wash suits in your washing machine, it’s best to hand wash in soapy warm water, rubbing it together to get it clean. Let soak for an hour, rinse with cold water, and hang it up to dry.

If you’re planning to go for a dip soon, you might want to be prepared for a laundry day, too, in order to prolong the life of your swimsuit.

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