Getting Moms Back In The Picture

When I scroll through my phone, there are nearly 2,000 photos of my daughter, Piper, which is somewhat expected because I’m a new mom and I’m pretty obsessed with my little girl and capturing every moment of her childhood. Thousands and thousands of pictures add up, and besides the fact that I rarely print them, the larger issue is that I’m NEVER in them! Aside from a few selfies and images my photographer friends have taken for shoots, I have no images of this sacred time with my daughter in her first year of life. It’s so sad! I was recently asked to send a photo of my mom and I together for a project and couldn’t even locate one!

Mom Back In The Picture

Here is a photo from a family trip of me hiding my face from the camera!

I never consider myself ‘photo ready.’ Most days, I don’t style my hair—actually, I’m lucky if I even take a shower. And boyfriend jeans and comfy T-shirts are pretty much my daily uniform. Honestly, the last thing I think about these days is how I look. Between trying to answer morning emails, getting Piper ready for the day and feeding us all, I sometimes don’t even make it out of my pajamas before the nanny arrives. I treat it like a special occasion when I blow-dry and style my hair!

I think this mentality of not looking or feeling my best is one of the main reasons I’m not as eager to hop in front of the camera with Piper—I feel like no amount of concealer can cover the bags under my eyes. If this past year has taught me one thing, it’s that life moves too quickly and I want to do everything I can to remember and preserve these precious moments. And, aside from memories, photos are the only thing that can do that.


I’m grateful that my job forces me to have professional photos taken with my daughter, otherwise it wouldn’t happen—but you can still see I’m hiding my tired eyes!

Getting Mom Back In The Picture

So, together with Garnier, we are making it a priority to get moms everywhere back into the picture. Garnier’s new Whole Blends line gives women the perfect excuse to steal 10 minutes (or maybe even 20!) and escape to the shower. Not only do the shampoo and conditioner leave hair silky soft, they offer a sensory experience and let you feel pampered for a few minutes. A new favorite Friday night activity for us is slathering on the Honey Treasures Hair Mask after our girls go to bed and indulging in a few guilty pleasures: A glass of wine and Pinterest for Caitlin and getting lost in Tumblr with a cup of tea for Taylor, while we treat our tired split ends to the hydrating mask. The creamy formula helps to strengthen hair and prevent split ends and breakage. Plus, it smells delicious! If you aren’t too sweet on the scent of honey, you can choose one of the other blends available, including Coconut Oil & Cocoa Butter Extracts, which hydrates and softens dry hair; Coconut Water & Almond Milk Extracts, which nourishes hair and tames frizz; Green Apple & Green Tea Extracts, which boosts shine; Avocado & Shea Butter Extracts, which rejuvenates dry hair; and Cranberry & Argan Oil Extracts, which protects hair color and enhances radiance. Needless to say, Garnier Whole Blends products transform the shower into a relaxing escape (even for just a few minutes!). Plus, because “me” time for new moms is often rushed, we are all for any chance to enhance this precious time with delicious and uplifting scents. What’s more, the natural ingredients in the products help women look—and feel—their best by leaving hair shiny, healthy—and camera ready!

mom in pics 4

I couldn’t agree more with Caitlin. I, too, have countless photos of my daughter on my phone, but hardly any with me in them, let alone her grandparents. It’s not a true reflection of our life together and I have been on a mission to change that. Recently, I lost a dear friend, Tori Hendrix, to her year-long battle with an aggressive form of cancer. She was 37 with two young children. I remember that she talked about making sure to be in the photos with her children more, so they could see their mom, and see them all together. It resonated with me, but while I know how important it is, like Caitlin, I find myself worried about being “camera ready,” especially now that I’m pregnant and juggling the demands of a toddler and a business. Unfortunately, pampering myself isn’t something that happens often. Working with Garnier has helped change that. The products in the Whole Blends line feature natural ingredients, and are simple and effective. When I take the time to slow down and actually wash and style my hair, I feel so much better and I’m more inclined to be in photos with my daughter.

mom in pics

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