Get Lucky Charms Makeup Just in Time for St. Paddy’s Day

An eyeshadow palette and makeup brushes feature rainbow colors.

Makeup lovers are in for a treat this St. Patrick’s Day thanks to a new makeup collaboration. An iconic cereal (you know the one) is teaming up with an affordable makeup brand to bring beauty lovers the perfect makeup to wear for the March holiday.

Lucky Charms and Morphe have created a four-piece makeup collection themed after the famous cereal, and yes, it does smell like those iconic marshmallows.

Beauty fans can shop the collection on the Morphe website beginning March 8, and all of the fun, rainbow-themed pieces are affordable. The collaboration features:

  • Make Some Magic Artistry Palette: An 18-pan eyeshadow palette featuring a rainbow of shades in both matte and shimmer formulas that retails for $22.
  • Make Some Magic Lip Gloss: A holographic sparkle lip gloss that’s not sticky and is scented like the cereal’s marshmallow shapes. It retails for $10.
  • Make Some Magic Six-Piece Color Pencil Set: This set of pencils can be used on eyes or lips and features every color of the rainbow for a colorful St. Paddy’s Day look. You can get the whole set for $15.
  • Make Some Magic Six-Piece Brush Set and Bag: Add some color to your makeup collection with these rainbow-hued eyeshadow brushes and Lucky Charms-themed bag for just $29.
An eyeshadow palette and makeup brushes feature rainbow colors.

“Morphe is excited to be collaborating with a beloved and iconic brand like Lucky Charms to bring this special, limited-edition collection to life,” said Alison Nadel, director of brand marketing for Morphe in an e-mail from the brand. “The collection not only highlights the authentic rainbow colors of the classic cereal but was also designed to captivate and inspire with the iconic Lucky Charms marshmallow scent.”

If you want to get into the St. Paddy’s Day spirit, snag Morphe’s new Lucky Charms collection.

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