Ganni Is All I Want to Wear Right Now

My closet’s metabolism is not what it used to be. The junk food it consumed without consequence when it was younger — all those quick-fix cheap brands — now causes it to bloat. My closet still gets cravings, of course. It takes discipline to not give into the alluring smell of whatever the clothing equivalent of chicken nuggets are, and sometimes, around the holidays especially, restraint is a futile attempt. After all, a girl and her closet’s gotta eat.

The problem is that if I want something new and have a bit of disposable income to play with, my closet can’t get as wild as it would like in the organic Dries Van Noten section of Barneys. My closet and I are all for purchasing wardrobe investments as we get older and more responsible, but these are to be made sparingly. Where is the middle ground? Where are the brands that scratch the itch of instant wardrobe pick-me-up gratification, that have quality product, good designs, the ability to cause you to reconsider that which you already own (“Ooh! This gingham seersucker top makes me want to dig out those jeans I haven’t worn in a while…”) and don’t rip-off the runway to an unconscionable degree? What’s the slice of tiramisu in this scenario, you know? What’s fun, not crap, not the most expensive thing on the menu?

Oh, hello Ganni! Is that you waving your mohair’d arm in the back of the classroom? I didn’t even see you there. Just kidding. Of course I did. This whole post is dedicated to you.

Ganni, the little Danish brand that could — and did — has captured my heart and filled a void I didn’t realize needed filling. Nearly every piece is something I want to put on my body. I like the overall aesthetic; I like that Ganni makes women look good without any sort of gimmick, that it’s A LITTLE BIT trendy, but not mass! I like that it feels like a treat rather than a sneaky, guilty pleasure, and that it’s way more affordable than the traditional investment-y designer.

For a brand that’s been around since 2009, it’s as though I’m seeing Ganni with brand new eyes. Maybe it’s because I’m maturing and finally look forward to salad. (Metaphorical salad, I mean. Real salad sucks.) Or maybe it’s just because Ganni is doing the damn thing right now. Here are some things I want:

– These cool ass cowboy boots

– This lace dress (The weddings don’t stop for me; I’m like Vince Vaughn!)

– These wild spotted pants

– This black field jacket

– And a good old striped tee

Now before I do anything drastic with my credit card — although, these leopard print kitten heels are still in my cart and honestly, I wear the black ones non-stop, so they really don’t feel like a reckless purchase — will you please tell me what you’re thinking of buying? Even if it’s literal chicken nuggets. I’d share a six-piece with you this second.

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