Five Things


I’ve been realizing how much I truly treasure the month of December, more than ever, with Sloan in our lives. She’s starting to embrace all of her aunties (aka my girlfriends) in a new way now that her ‘Stranger Danger’ is starting to dissipate. Last weekend, after the guests had left our cookie decorating party, two of my friends stayed behind to spend time with her and it was as close to a perfect day as it gets. We sat around the family room chatting for hours with Christmas music playing as the wind whipped at the windows, thanks to uncharacteristically blustery weather. We sipped glasses of champagne and ate too much chocolate peppermint bark while Sloan’s aunties entertained her insatiable baby energy—chasing, crawling, swinging, dancing, reading—anything to make her smile. No one had anywhere to be and we hung out from about Noon until both the sun and baby went down. It was the sweetest reminder of what this special time of year is all about. Hope you have a good one!






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