Fila brings back the Nineties Trailblazer


With the return of Kappa and the rise of the tracksuit, it was about time Fila got in on the retro party and brought back something that reminded us of the days of Britpop and Turkey Dinosaurs. Their homage to the glorious decade: the Trailblazer.

The trek inspired footwear originally unveiled in 1990 has made a comeback in an editorial shoot for Law Magazine, being reintroduced into the 21st century in four new colourways: Black, Biker Red, Pine Cone and Espresso, which have been style in typical Nineties fashion with technical sportswear like Berghaus jackets and rolled up denim so cuffs won’t get stuck in BMX chains (Millennials, a BMX is something we used to ride before Ubers).

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