Fashion Kickstarters you won’t believe are a thing


Kickstarters can be a wonderful thing; a way of getting unique inventions by young entrepreneurs out into the world for the masses to see and support.

But a lot of the time it can be absolute horse shit.

Seriously, some Kickstarters prove that some people should just not have the internet. Or thoughts. Here are a few of the mind boggling, head scratching pages that want your money to release their Frankenstein fashion upon the world like some new plague.

Atheist shoes


The sell:

“This Kickstarter page is only possible thanks to the extraordinary support and encouragement of the r/atheism folk on A few weeks ago I posted some pictures of my “Atheist Shoes” there and I was blown away by how many sweet and encouraging messages I received, urging me to make more shoes. Actually, it was a bit scary… but in a good way… and, 6 weeks later, I’ve figured out how I’ll be able to make shoes for you all. This page is the first step towards realising that dream and I hope some of you will be willing to pre-order your shoes, so that I have the upfront capital I need to get busy!”

Is there anything worse than a patronising atheist? Modern day atheism has almost ironically become an extreme religion in itself with the amount of bile they spit at others in dark chat rooms and their dedication to the cause. So why wouldn’t you want to put that on a shoe?! They’ll really go with your tipped fedora and Meninist t-shirt.

Cam’s wooden ties


If someone showed up to my wedding in a wooden tie it would provoke so much anger I’d probably be able to taste blood in my mouth.

But at least they say if they raise enough money they’ll go to South Africa to teach troubled teens a trade. So maybe buy one for your little brother this Christmas if he’s been an incredible douche this year.

A watch that doesn’t tell the time


In case you can’t read it, it says “Time is irrelevant when you’re dedicated to what you love.”

But what if what I love is telling the time? What if it’s getting to work at nine sharp and not fifteen minutes late because my watch doesn’t have a God damn face?

This is their motto:

“The Motto is the latest and most comprehensively designed iteration of the Infinity Piece becomb series. With no markers or movement to keep track of, the Motto is intended to remind people to live in the moment while redefining the idea of being on time.”

OK then. New concept idea: hospital machinery that doesn’t actually work, reminding people that they only live once.

Bear hats

Bear hat

Why are they naked? Is this a sex thing like furry fandom? Why am I slightly scared? This is so unsettling it could follow in the footsteps of Scream masks and clown costumes in its creepiness. The idea of a grown ass man wearing knitted bear ears is the stuff of nightmares.

The drinking jacket


I’m not going to rip this jacket apart, because it’s not often alcoholics are catered for by the world of fashion; they’re just left to stew in their own filth. But now they get a dedicated jacket.

It’s got a neoprene can pocket, sleeves with drink grips, ID and money pocket holder on the arm, hidden flask pocket and a bottle opener zip and foldable drinking mitts.

And to show you how much the world loves comfortable boozing, it’s already raised over $500,000…

Le grand hat


A baseball cap has been crossbred with a top hat. How can people get offended at stem cell research and not this? It’s not natural and goes against everything logical in the world. This is the chicken nugget of style; a true abomination.

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