Dryness and Split Ends? This Hair Mask Is the Answer

A coconut sits on top of a jar of hair mask, a woman wears a twisted towel on her head, and a teezer comb sits on top of a towel featuring palm designs.

Whether you were out in the sun too much this summer, have indulged in one too many at-home dye jobs, or simply have naturally dry hair, you know getting moisture back into the strand can prove difficult. Well, there’s a hair mask that might be able to work some magic on that dryness. Yes, it works for all hair types.

Coco & Eve’s Life a Virgin Hair Masque is a five-in-one treatment that helps improve everything from texture and shine to split ends. It takes just 10 minutes to use.

The Like a Virgin Hair Masque uses ultra-hydrating ingredients to get right to the root of the problem (no pun intended). One of the core ingredients is argan oil. Studies have shown the oil can help protect the skin barrier and seal in moisture. That matters because your hair isn’t just your hair. There’s also your scalp which needs nourishment, and argan oil can provide it to the skin as well as help seal moisture into the hair strands.

Then, there’s shea butter. This won’t be a surprising ingredient to those with curly and textured hair. It’s a nourishing plant butter that can strengthen the strand as it moistures, and it can even help fight back against frizz. Plus, the brand’s special AcquaSeal Coconut helps to add shine, softness, and hydration.

As someone who has used this mask, I can attest to its ability to smooth split ends and impart a shot of moisture into dry, damaged hair. Yes, it does smell great.

A teezer brush sits on top of a tub of hair mask which sits on top of a towel.

How do you use the mask? That’s up to just how much moisture you need. The treatment can be added after shampooing and left in for as little as five minutes (or up to 10) and then rinsed free for a quick, weeknight self-care moment.

If, however, you really want a punch of hydration, apply the mask to your hair at night before bed (either after shampooing or on dry hair). Then, add a microfiber towel or shower cap over top and sleep in the mask. Rinse and shampoo in the morning.

If you’ve been suffering with dry, damaged hair and need a little assistance or you’re just a sucker for a great hair mask, Coco & Eve’s is one of the best.

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