Dr Martens glow-in-the-dark skeleton boots are a Halloween must-have


Everyone enjoys Halloween (who doesn’t love tearaway kids knocking on their door all night, chucking eggs at windows?), but as we get older it becomes harder and harder to get into the spirit of dressing up, as it’s very easy to come off as a creep rather than creepy.

So instead of wearing feline ears with a leather jacket and calling yourself a ‘sexy cat’ (you people are the worst), make an actual stylish effort this year and ditch the fancy dress for Dr Martens, who just released a spine tingling pair of glow-in-the-dark skeleton boots.

The Skelly boot keeps all the iconic details of the classic 1460 style including the grooved sides and yellow stitching, but is updated with a luminous green sole and foot bone print which will glow in the dead of night, which will hopefully help you get spotted by a taxi easier when you’ve missed the last train after drinking three bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon because you thought it’d be cool to look like you were drinking blood.


You can pick up a pair now for £115 from their official website

Bone 1

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