Does Shaved Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Young woman holds her finger to her chin and looks at the razor in her hand.

Let’s face it—many of us have tried numerous hair-removing products to get rid of unwanted body hair. Waxes, creams, and even painful laser hair removal are all things most of us have used or considered. However, the most popular and time-effective hair removal method is shaving.

Shaving with a razor is relatively quick and painless (physically, anyway), but many fear that hair growth will come back thicker and stronger after use. But that myth is nothing more than, well… a myth.

When you shave, only the shaft of the hair is removed, not the follicle. Head trainer at Ministry of Waxing Chloe Scriminger, told Byrdie that because the hair has been cut with a blade, the regrowth can be very blunt. The follicle is still in the skin, which remains nourished by blood vessels, ensuring it remains strong and healthy for new hair growth.

So, while shaving doesn’t necessarily create thicker or stronger hair, the blunt “stubbly” regrowth certainly looks and feels like it.

In order to avoid the dreaded stubble, many turn to waxing, which rips the hair directly out by the root. When the hair grows back, it’s softer and finer because there’s no blunt razor shave at the skin’s surface.

While it is a myth that shaved hair isn’t physically growing back thicker, the blunt regrowth may appear darker to the naked eye. If you’re still attached to your razor, though, don’t worry—we have plenty of shaving tips for softer, smoother skin to help you achieve a close, smooth shave every time.

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