Do Anti-Wrinkle Straws Work?

A woman drinks iced coffee from a straw.

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably seen your fair share of Stanley Tumblers. But there’s a controversy brewing over them—whether drinking through straws like the ones on the tumbler can cause wrinkles. As a result, an anti-wrinkle straw has gone viral, but does it work?

LifeSavvy spoke with Dr. Joshua Zeichner, Director of Cosmetic & Clinical Research in Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, and anti-wrinkle straws, and unfortunately, they’re probably not helping much.

So first of all, can straws in general cause wrinkles? According to Dr. Zeichner, this TikTok rumor is true.

“Using a straw can contribute to wrinkling around the mouth as the skin around the lips fold,” Zeichner said. “Repetitive movements cause the lines to become etched in, similar to what is seen in smokers. That is why most dermatologists recommend avoiding straws altogether.”


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This means it isn’t the shape of the straw but rather the repeated use of the muscles in and around that mouth that lead to the development of facial wrinkles over time. Dr. Zeichner explained that straws like the viral one—which sees users sipping horizontally—may help minimize skin folding to some degree, but they can’t eliminate it.

“Using antiaging skincare products to the skin around the mouth can help keep the skin foundation strong,” said Dr. Zeichner. “I recommend a Vitamin C serum in the morning to protect the skin from free radical damage as well as a retinol-containing product in the evening to stimulate collagen.”

So should you use an anti-wrinkle straw? While it certainly can’t hurt, there doesn’t appear to be a marked decrease in wrinkle risk. If you’re really concerned about wrinkles, avoid straws all together and stick with a trustworthy skincare routine.

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