Cosabella Makes Nude Underwear for Every Skin Tone


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You may or may not remember the completely sheer gown that Rihanna wore to the CFDA Awards this year. For me, the whole look was fabulous, but for many of my fashion friends, the effect of the gown was ruined by her choice of “nude” underwear, which weren’t really nude at all. Talk about visible panty lines. For the critics, that one little detail (and I do mean little) totally ruined the look. Being an island gal, Riri, my like myself, will have a difficult time finding “nude” basics that match her skin tone. On me, a “nude” bra looks like a sad eggshell color, and unfortunately, since going braless in the office isn’t an option, I end up just dealing with it. Well thankfully, lingerie label Cosabella has come to the rescue, debuting a line of nude underwear for all skin tones.


Photo: Getty Images

The Never Say Never Perfect Nudes collection features seven different skin tones that run the spectrum of complexions for the perfect nude lingerie. How awesome, right? Because complexions are just that, complex. So it’s important to recognize that nude for one, doesn’t mean nude for all. This will especially come in handy the next time I want to wear, say, a gown made totally of mesh and Swarovski crystals and want to make sure that my underwear is on point, but for more practical uses—like with white jeans—the nude collection is clutch. Designed to be invisible under clothing, this all-over lace grouping is sure to deliver that nearly naked feel. Cosabella has diversified the silhouettes as well, expanding from just the classic thong to the hotpant and a “bootie thong,” and adding a push up bra and bralette. The line has quickly become the best selling collection for Cosabella, and it isn’t hard to imagine why: Basically every a girl needs to match her underwear to her skin tone so it doesn’t show under her see-through eveningwear, right?


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