Clothing Iron Broken? Grab a Kitchen Pot

A clothing iron sits on an ironing board between a stack of folded clothes and an unfolded button down.

Nothing ruins your morning faster than a wrinkled blouse and broken iron. Spill your coffee, and you’re one step away from calling it a day and crawling back into bed. We’ve all been there!

Next time your iron isn’t working and you need a quick fix, just run to your kitchen and grab a pot.

The best way to use this DIY wrinkle removal method is to start by boiling water in a medium-sized pot. Once the water begins to steam, pour it out (or make tea). Then, donning a pair of oven mitts to grip the handle, quickly “iron” as you normally would using the bottom of the pot on an ironing board or other hard surface.

For added weight and more continuous heat, leave the water in the pot but go slowly and be careful not to burn yourself.

This method works best for cotton, wool, and linen garments. If your clothing item has any plastic embellishments or is made from vinyl, steer clear of this method, as it could cause melting.

Even though this DIY iron isn’t as good as the real thing, it offers similar results in a pinch. In the future, if something in your home stops working at the worst time, take a moment to breathe and remember there’s always a hack to get the job done.

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