Catch the wave


If you take your grooming tips from the catwalk, then you’ll have noticed that this season the design houses are professing a love for lived-in waves – with the likes of Prada, Bottega Veneta and Craig Green all opting for fuss-free tresses that typify a casual summer vibe. But while this style requires far less maintenance than a slicked-back Mad Men ‘do’, you can run the risk of looking a mess, so take note.

Craig Green Spring Summer 2016

Beach waves suit most guys, whether your hair is short or long, but to maximise movement and texture you’ll want to ask your barber for layers. Make sure the sides and back are cut using scissors alone for a softer, less utilitarian look. As for the go-to product – well, sea-salt spray is best for creating the texture and volume that marks you as a surfer. But the key here is to go easy on the styling. You want to look slightly dishevelled, not like you’ve been sat in front of a mirror since 5am.

Still, there are a few quick tips. If you have naturally wavy hair, you can enhance what you’ve got by applying a matte mousse to damp hair for extra bounce, then use pomade to finish and separate the ends. Meanwhile, straight hair can require a little more work – and if the texturising sprays don’t cut it, you’ll need go all Geordie Shore and invest in some curling irons. Taking two-inch sections of hair, wrap them in alternate directions around your tong – and deliberately avoid perfection. Because remember – sometimes, to be fashionable, you may need to look a bit rough.


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