Can You Shower Too Much?

A woman rinses her hair with a showerhead.

It seems that everyone has an opinion on how often you should shower. Some people say you shouldn’t shower daily. Others insist that if you don’t shower every day, it’s gross. Is there a sweet spot for shower frequency?

As it turns out, no. According to experts, how often you shower varies from person to person.

Your personal hygiene needs, activity level, and even the time of year all impact how regularly you should shower. The best way to determine your ideal shower frequency is to listen to your body.

Michele Green, MD, spoke with Real Simple about shower frequency and explained that everyone’s skin is different, and as a result, their shower needs will be different as well. For example, people who work out or have high-activity jobs might require two showers per day while someone with an office job or someone taking a rest day from exercise might not necessarily need a shower.

For many, a quick rinse in the morning or a relaxing shower before bed makes us feel comfortable, happy, and clean. For others, a shower every day simply doesn’t fit with our schedules or skin type as those with dry skin can find daily or twice daily showers might irritate their skin. But that doesn’t mean you should go multiple days without showering. In general, you should keep the habit in rotation at least every other day.

If you’re not feeling up for a soapy scrub in the shower and haven’t done a strenuous activity or worked up a sweat, you simply don’t have to take one. There aren’t any “shower police” and you’re free to do what feels best for you.

Basically, if you get sweaty, you probably should shower daily, but if you have a tendency towards dry skin, you may benefit from showering every other day. No matter what, just remember to care for your skin no matter how frequently or in frequently you choose to bathe.

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