Can You Fix Dried Out Mascara?

Hands open up a tube of mascara.

Most of us love to enhance our natural beauty by coating our lashes in our favorite mascara, revealing thicker and longer lashes by the end of the application. But have you noticed sometimes that mascara tube dries out a little too quickly?

While mascara should only be used for three to six months after opening, there is a solution for when it dries out before that timeframe is up—just grab some eye drops.

If your mascara tends to dry out well before its expiration date, you may be over-pumping the product, which pushes air into it, ultimately drying it out faster. Or the mascara cap isn’t fastened tight enough.

To fix dried-out mascara, squeeze a few drops of lubricating eye drops or contact solution into the tube. This will de-clump and loosen the product—plus, it’s totally safe for your eyes.

If you don’t have eye drops on hand, you can set the unopened tube in a mug of hot water, which will melt the product on the inside. Ensure the lid is tightly closed so water doesn’t seep into it.

We all want our lashes to look twice as long with the help of mascara. Try this out next time that dried-out tube gets in the way!

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