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One of the many great things about the Internet is that there is a wealth of information that’s just a click away. For beauty and makeup, we are avid readers of sites like Byrdie and Into The Gloss for launches, insider tips and how-tos. However, after discovering some beauty YouTube channels a few years ago, they’ve also become some of our favorite sources for beauty and skincare tutorials, hauls, product reviews and more. Today, we’re rounding up a few of our go-to channels that we love to watch! Get ready to hit “subscribe.”

  1. Kathleen Lights: We love Kathleen’s honest product reviews and seeing which drugstore products she’s loving at the moment.
  2. Casey Holmes: Casey’s bubbly personality is fun to watch as she shows us different tutorials (both bold and everyday) as well as drugstore and Sephora hauls. We especially love that she is open about her skin issues with rosacea.
  3. Jaclyn Hill: After her collaboration with Becca cosmetics on the ultra-popular highlighter, Champagne Pop, we decided to check out her channel. Her makeup looks tend to be on the bolder side, but she provides really good tips on application, techniques and product reviews.
  4. Makeup Geek: Speaking of makeup and beauty education, we’ve learned so much from Marlena of Makeup Geek (who also has her own makeup line). We love her honesty about products and her helpful tutorials. In fact, Abby learned a lot of tips from her when prepping to do her own wedding makeup!
  5. Cydnee Black: Cydnee’s videos are always well done and informative. We really enjoy her makeup tutorials, which feature an in-depth description on how to achieve each of the stunning makeup looks.
  6. Lisa Eldridge: Lisa is a British celebrity makeup artist that offers tons of tutorials ranging from how to achieve the “no-makeup” makeup look to re-creating looks from style icons and other celebrities.
  7. Tanya Burr: Aside from having her YouTube Channel, Tanya has her own makeup line in the United Kingdom, and is the author of several books.
  8. Pixiwoo: This channel features two sisters (both are makeup artists) who do hauls, product reviews and tutorials among other things. They also developed the affordable makeup tool line “Real Techniques” of which we are a huge fan of—especially the beauty blender sponge.
  9. Lily Pebbles: This British YouTube star has expanded her channel from beauty to lifestyle videos, but we still love her honest reviews and tutorials.
  10. Rose Kimberly: We love Rose Kimberly’s affordable makeup tutorials and drugstore product reviews!
  11. Hello October: Follow Suzie as she shares her different beauty, makeup and skincare routines as well as hauls, tutorials and her latest travel adventures.
  12. I Covet Thee: Besides being aesthetically pleasing and impeccably made, we adore Alix’s approach to beauty and her wearable makeup looks.
  13. Fleur DeForce: We love Fleur’s honest reviews and recommendations. She’s great at telling you if she thinks a product is not worth purchasing.
  14. Sazan Hendrix: This LA-based blogger and YouTuber does hair and makeup tutorials along with vlogs from her travels. Her tutorials are super helpful if you are looking to try the latest beauty trends.
  15. A Model Recommends: As the title of her channel suggests, this YouTuber is a former model (and new mommy). She has tons of tips and tricks from her modeling days.
  16. Michelle Phan: With more than 8 million subscribers, Michelle encourages people to have fun and play with makeup!

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