Bath and Body Works Launched A New Beauty and Wellness Brand

A group of Bath and Body Works Moxy products are displayed on geometrically shaped risers.

Move over candles! Bath & Body Works is launching a whole new brand, and this time, it’s all about beauty and wellness.

Bath & Body Works’ Moxy launched Oct. 17, and the affordable beauty brand features everything from skin care to hair care to nutritional gummies.

Moxy is designed to be a holistic approach to wellness and beauty, and it’s available now on the Bath & Body Works website. The brand’s launch begins with a collection of skin care and nutrition gummies and a planned future hair care debut. Of course, the items are inclusive working for all skin and hair types.

A tube of facial scrub is next to a jar of moisturizer.

Those seeking skin care can shop a full array of items including a cleanser, moisturizer, scrub, and face mask. The products come in four, distinct skin type categories: normal, dry, oily, and sensitive. While the products are the same in each category, they’re formulated differently to work better for each skin type. No matter which you are, there’s a skin care product under $21 that’ll work for you.

Two bottles of a shampoo for wavy hair and a conditioner for coily hair.

While it has yet to launch, there’s also hair care in the lineup that’s coming soon. Shoppers will soon be able to score a hair mask, shampoo, and conditioner for four different hair types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily.

This means that whether you’ve got straight hair or textured, you can use the new items. Each is formulated differently to help nourish and protect hair, and yes, they’re affordable.  Masks will retail for under $19 while shampoos and conditioners are under $15. No bad, right?

Two tubs of gummies sit side by side.

Finally, there are supplements. The brand has formulated stress relief, sleep, immunity, apple cider vinegar, and hair, skin, and nail gummies for a tasty way to help improve overall wellness. The gummies retail for under $20 and are formulated without artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, gelatin, gluten, or preservatives.

If you’re already a Bath & Body Works fan, you’ve now got even more to shop, and when you do, be sure you sign up for the rewards program to get in on a few special bonuses.

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