Bae, Felicia! Crusty Old Academics Want to Ban 2014’s Favorite Word


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Tired of that one friend who constantly gushes over her “bae” on Instagram? Confused about what “bae” really means? You’re not alone; one university is even calling to ban the word come 2015.

For the past 40 years, the fuddy-duddies at Lake Superior State University in Michigan have released a “List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness.” They receive thousands of nominations every year and narrow down the list to the terms they find the most annoying. Some past inclusions: selfie, hashtag, twerking, and superfood.

Bae was one of the top nominees for 2014, with submitters calling it “the most annoying term of affection to show up in years.” “I heard someone refer to their ramen noodles as ‘bae,’” one complained. The term, which reached the masses with the Pharrell Williams/Miley Cyrus duet, “Come Get It Bae,” generally confuses old people, especially since it gets used as both a noun and an adjective to describe pretty much anything good.

Other “banished” words include more silly terms like “cra-cra” (we thought it was spelled cray-cray, but maybe we’re just ancient), plus more serious euphemisms like “enhanced interrogation.”

Here’s the full list:

  • Bae
  • Polar vortex
  • Hack
  • Skill set
  • Swag
  • Foodie
  • Curate/curated
  • Friend-raising
  • Cra-cra
  • Enhanced interrogation
  • Takeaway
  • -Nation (to reference sports fans)

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